KUNGFU.AI and Keller Williams Partner to Empower Real Estate Agents

Austin, TX | September 6, 2018

Artificial intelligence services firm speeds development of new Kelle skill for KW agents

Austin, Texas September 6, 2018 KUNGFU.AI, an Austin-based artificial intelligence services organization, and Keller Williams (KW), the world’s largest real estate company by agent count, announce a partnership to together build a robust new real estate contract-reading skill for Kelle, a proprietary artificial intelligence-based personal assistant for KW agents.

Launched in mid-February 2018, Kelle has more than 97,000 monthly active users and the Kelle mobile app has more than 120,000 downloads, as of August 28.

Kelle won the “Best Real Estate Technology of 2018” award from Inman News in July 2018. The real estate franchise has released many Kelle features and benefits YTD. Details are available online.

“Due to size, Keller Williams has access to the largest proprietary data sets in the real estate industry, rolled up inside of its Keller Cloud. In the new world of AI, where the importance of data is paramount, they are aggressively taking advantage of their position in the market,” said Ron Green, Chief Technical Officer at KUNGFU.AI.

“For our first project together, we’re taking a practical approach toward a narrow use case to quickly move the needle and will then look to drive ever greater impact from there,” said Green.

Previously, information embedded inside real estate contracts was deemed unusable.

Through the partnership, KUNGFU.AI will use advanced computer vision technology to rapidly alleviate the challenges with generating business insights from today’s PDF-based real estate contracts, which contain a mix of text and handwriting.

Exclusively for the use of KW, KUNGFU.AI has developed state-of-the-art AI capabilities to unlock static contract documents and build data sets, releasing a trove of insights for real estate agents.

“With KUNGFU.AI, we’re adding top experts and leaders in the field of artificial intelligence to our strong internal development team,” said Neil Dholakia, Chief Product Officer, KW. “We’re rapidly accelerating and bringing more and more value through our proprietary technology to empower agents to provide the best consumer experience.”

“Through this partnership, we will bring a highly anticipated new Kelle skill to our agents fast,” said Dholakia.

The new skill is expected to be available for all KW agents in Q4 ‘18.

Kelle is available for download on Apple and Android devices. Kelle is designed specifically for KW agents and requires KW-unique agent credentials to function. On request, demonstrations and screenshots of the features and benefits of Kelle are available.


Austin, Texas-based KUNGFU.AI is an artificial intelligence services organization helping companies transform data into augmented capabilities to achieve ambitious goals. The firm works with companies from strategy to implementation, using data and AI to see new trends, develop new ideas, and optimize their operations to leverage these new technologies.

They are pioneering organizational structures for artificial intelligence, helping companies establish their AI Center of Excellence. KUNGFU.AI believes in AI for Good and works towards democratizing artificial intelligence through their #helpingforward initiatives.

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About Keller Williams

Austin, Texas-based Keller Williams, the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count, has more than 975 offices and 186,000 associates. The franchise is also No. 1 in units and sales volume in the United States.

In 2015, Keller Williams began its evolution into a technology company, now building the real estate platform that agents’ buyers and sellers prefer. Since 1983, the company has cultivated an agent-centric, technology-driven and education-based culture that rewards agents as stakeholders.
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