Keller Williams Debuts Three More Business Communities

Austin, TX | May 2, 2023

KW Operations, KW Wellness, and KW Clarity communities to empower entrepreneurs with growth tools.

AUSTIN, TEXAS May 2, 2023 — Keller Williams (KW), the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count, announces three additional business communities – KW Operations, KW Wellness and KW Clarity. 

“Our latest communities were specifically designed to develop and grow vital skills for real estate professionals in day-to-day business operations roles, while also promoting wellness practices,” said Vanessa Hadrych, director of communities, KW.

“Our business communities enable our real estate entrepreneurs to continue to thrive in today’s shifting housing market, while fostering a strong sense of connection, empowerment and impact,” said Hadrych.

KW agents who join an established or emerging KW community have access to specialized training, technology, coaching, mastermind events, and referral opportunities. The franchise currently has 15 communities with more than 22,000 agent members. 

In December 2021, KW first announced a major expansion of its community-based business initiative. In 2022, the franchise unveiled KW Sports + Entertainment (KWSE), KW Wealth, KW Relocation, KW Style to Design, KW Real Estate Planner, KW Talent, and the KW Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) communities.

KW Operations

KW Operations is a new community for leaders in operational business roles to lean into their core strengths to grow. Members can access monthly education and training, income-producing referral opportunities, and a membership portal with access to on-demand training and resources. 

An emerging community, KW Operations is led by Nicole Zuber, who serves as the director. Since 2003, Zuber has produced more than $8 billion in sales via real estate and coaching partnerships. As a business owner, she has also served in roles, including listing agent, director of operations, and CEO.

“All eyes are on expenses right now and ensuring operations staff are maximizing the return on investment,” said Zuber. “By bringing a laser focus on client care, systems, and scalability, our goal is to ensure administrative and operations staff remain on the cutting edge of our industry.”

KW Wellness

KW Wellness is a community built around physical, mental, and emotional wellness pillars that inspire personal development and foster community with like-minded individuals. Members have access to monthly learning events, masterminds, a wellness platform with activities, resources and more. 

Kimberly Guiry serves as the director of KW Wellness. Guiry is a certified Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) workplace wellness coach and a neuro-linguistic programming (NPL) master certified practitioner. She has served as a business coach for KW MAPS Coaching, the coaching division of KW.

“As true wellness is more than physical health, we offer education and community benefits to members that align with a complete approach to wellbeing,” said Guiry. “By investing in your wellbeing, the stressors of the industry and demands of the market can be more easily navigated.”

KW Clarity

KW Clarity is a community focused on supporting and empowering individuals active in their recovery, seeking recovery, or supporting those in recovery from substances. Along with monthly meetings and business-building activities, the community offers substance-free activities at KW’s training conferences.

KW Clarity is led by Shelly Seidemann, who serves as the director.  From 2017 to 2021, Seidemann served as team manager on the Stamford, Connecticut-based Len Schwartz Team. She remains an agent on that team currently. 

“We’re providing a space in our ecosystem for agents who are building businesses while navigating recovery,” said Seidemann. “And we aim to be the place where they can go further, faster.” 

“With a focus on privacy and discretion, KW Clarity members share wins, struggles, grow in their recovery and find support for themselves and their real estate careers,” said Seidemann.

More information on KW’s communities is available at

By the end of 2023, KW is expecting to have three to four more emerging business communities launched. 

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