John Keller

John Keller

Vice Chairman

As Vice Chairman, John Keller drives efforts to create alignment, scale, and efficiencies across the Keller Williams ecosystem. Since Q1 ’15, he has been a member of the KW board of directors.

In previous capacities, Keller aided in developing the user experience of KW’s consumer home search app, officially launched in Q1 ’20. He also founded Keller Covered, an emerging insurance services offering.

Since Q1 ’16, Keller has served as a partner of Keller Capital, an investment firm founded by Gary Keller, the executive chairman and co-founder of KW.

In addition to a lifetime of learning beneath one of the most influential entrepreneurs in real estate, Keller’s educational accolades include an undergraduate degree in landscape architecture from the University of Georgia and an MBA from the Acton School of Business in Austin, Texas. 

Residing in Austin with his wife, Laura Hill, his two young children, and his two labs (one of which serves as the mascot for KW Labs), he spends his free time painting landscapes, fly-fishing, and engaging in other activities that strengthen his appreciation for the great outdoors.

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