Chris Cox

Chris Cox

Chief Technology and Digital Officer

Chris Cox joins kwx as chief technology and digital officer after serving as senior partner at Bain & Company within the global financial services, digital, technology, and advanced analytics practice. Though his education focused on finance and public policy, his passion lies in leading digital transformation and technological innovation. His broad range of experience in both the business and tech industries make him exceptionally qualified to understand the customer experience, while developing the technology architecture necessary to evolve it.

His love of technology and innovation was born at a young age. Inspired by his father, who was a lead engineer for NASA, Chris saw the value in serving a cause larger than one’s self. In the mid-90s, Chris found his own calling at the dawn of the internet, where his interest in finance developed into a passion for designing the digital capabilities and technologies for the industry.

His career has brought him invaluable experience in banking, insurance, financial technology, and emerging digital technologies, but it’s his leadership style that makes him a perfect fit for his new role. Chris is a dedicated servant leader who describes his philosophy as “confident humility – a confidence relative to domain expertise, but ultimate humility since there’s always something to learn every day with every interaction.” With this balance of expertise and humility, Chris intends to build, deploy, and scale best-in-class technology platforms and analytic capabilities, focusing on delivering exceptional agent, market center, and consumer experiences across the kwx ecosystem.

Chris has deep experience in driving large-scale digital transformations and technology innovation, so he’s excited about joining kwx at this critical point in its history. His goal is to put his knowledge in service of the mission and the team, ensuring they have everything they need to be successful. He’s looking forward to being a part of a corporate culture guided by a win-win ethos and working with an “exceptional team, all aligned with a mission to serve agents, market centers, and consumers.” 

Chris lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife Karen and his two college-aged children, Kate and Sam, and their two rescue dogs, Cash and June. In their free time, Chris and his family can be found boating, paddle boarding, hiking, and exploring Austin’s exciting music and food culture.

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