Jen Davis

Jen Davis

Vice President of KW MAPS Coaching, KWRI

As vice president of KW MAPS Coaching, Jen Davis continues a long career of evolution and growth. As VP, Jen works to build the coaching community and lead a world-class training program. 

Since joining the real estate industry in 2008, Jen has shown commitment and creativity in navigating a fast-paced environment, as well as mastery in building relationships and guiding growth. She partnered with Dan Holt in 2012; eventually fashioning a team of agents and assistants. Jen led the Holt Homes Group to success year after year and became co-owner in 2019. Now CEO, she has enabled opportunity and consistent growth in her business.

Having started as a MAPS Coach in 2016, Jen brings years of experience in teaching and teamwork to her role. Her own success in using Keller Williams models and systems informs her work as she guides newer agents to success and helps them understand their potential and abilities. As vice president, Jen’s mastery and passion for relationship-building with clients and agents alike guide her in her efforts.

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